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Wow! The Woburn Welsh Dresser. The traditional #WelshDresser we all know & love - with a modern twist. This one is painted in Saltmarsh.

The Woburn Welsh Dresser with a modern twist. This one is painted in Saltmarsh. Love the shade!

Combining some of my favorite colors right now: marigold, teal, gray, cardboard brown, and blue

Bedroom color ideas: Masters Bedroom: Grey for main walls and bathroom. Green for wall facing the side for the house, brown in frames and plants, orange/yellow and deep teal, in design of curtains, pillows and some accessories

DIY Home Design - think of use of space / function as though certain space is more expensive real estate (easy access space) vs. cheap real estate space (hard to get to, requires a step stool, too deep so you can't see, etc.)  In your organizing think of items that should be within easy access and they get expensive real estate . . . it helps to sort and group items.

How I built a kitchen Pantry in a coat closet. Details on how to organize and store everything from food to extra kitchen appliances, including various shelf height measurements.