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It was a small insult, but it was cool and calculated, and it chopped ever-so-slightly at the stem that held the tall red poppy up.

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Keep hating. Your pitiful little degree, that deformed body, fake-ass, goody-goody thing you got going--and STILL you aren't but a fat cow surrounded with equally pathetic fat cows like you.

Sick of you acting like a wife who cares when you've been planning and telling everyone your divorcing. What a harlot. But u stayed and laid with me and did what a harlot does. Use herself cause you have no self worth. Allowed yourself to perform anything sexual to keep the planned divorce in play.. That's the scars your mother cursed you with by letting her husband do what he did..

Now when the time is coming for some cozy crackling fire, here are the 15 firewood storage and creative DIY firewood rack ideas for indoors and outdoors.

Chris <3 walked right into my work and swept me off my feet out of nowhere! Neither of us were looking for love or a relationship at that point in our life. Crazy.