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In this image, you can really tell the makeup that she has on. Even though her whole face is showing, her eye makeup stands out. Her pose is also interesting as well

I love this look with the sun on her eye which makes it pop even more! I do this a lot too because I have blue eyed and they definitely pop in the sunlight.

3 Makeup Trends That Are About To Be HUGE #refinery29 The key to glossy lids: Rein it in, says Anthony. Use a clean, fluffy eyeshadow brush to soften the edges of the product all along your browbones. This will keep the gloss from traveling too far up your eyes into messy territory....

همسات حائرة ------------- أخبروه ....... بأن عشقي له فاق الحد وأعلموه ...... بأن القلب له وحده قد عيا واشتد ........ وأنا على شاطيء انتظاره بين جزر ومد !!!

-` pinterest: @marympridgen ´- Smoked out macs blue brown pigment, dupe of this shadow in the wet n wild comfort zone palette!