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Kimberly Stephenson

Kimberly Stephenson
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Oh My Life!!! *dies* Jensen Ackles I would give my right arm for one night with you ;-)

Jensen Ackles looking Smokin.I believe this is a manip of Jensen/Chris Pine photo, but it' so awesome I pinned it to Jensen's board anyway!

Jensen Ackles <3

Inspiring image jensen ackels boy sexy amazing beautiful - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Jensen Ackles, in glasses, and a cardigan, with a scarf. I can't even brain right now.  NEW BOARDS COMING UP! PLEASE FOLLOW!

Jensen Ackles goes casual in glasses, button down shirt, a cardigan and scarf - kind of geek, but a hot geek!

It's okay because he basically looks like my husband. ;)

Beautiful Jensen Ackles who plays my buddy Dean Winchester on Supernatural. We would totally trade fart jokes and eat our way through a Las Vegas buffet.

Pudding!  The Walking Dead / Supernatural

The Walking Dead / Supernatural. My two favorite fandoms emerged! It's a crossover thing!

The Walking Dead - Poor Glenn

Lol oh Merle, you will forever be the racist drug addicted redneck brother with the awesome spear hand. But i love ur brother more :P Fun Fact, the dixon brothers were NOT in the comics.

Daryl couldn't hear the zombie behind him !?!? OMG I actually think he's deaf from 12:00 to 6:00 P.M.

This meme captured exactly what I did while watching the mid season finale