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Damn thats true

My Leo drives me crazy with this Bipolar Leo's !Zodiac Leo facts — Leo tends to have different personalities. They can be very outgoing, funny and boisterous one minute then turn around and become antisocial, shy and moody.

This is so true

Damn straight, so don't mess with me or my family! Best to remember this little fact!

30 shots in full color. #Whiskey, #Vodka, #Gin, Tequila

Alcohol is supposed to be simple: whisky, whisky and more whisky. Maybe some gin. Tequila if you want to party. Fine, vodka too. But alcohol doesn't have to always be so boring. The sugary world of flavored party shots can be fun!

like the yogurt.: How To: Easy Wavy Hair Tutorial for Short Hair

how to easy wavy hair tutorial for short hair. This is Super helpful for me because I have a little shorter hair then the girl in these pictures and it is soooo hard to find any tutorials for shorter hair.