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How to Start a Farm with No Money

Here are some good insights from John Suscovich who started his farm a few years ago, and learn a thing or two in the process. A farmer friend of mine told

21 London Apps That Are Better Than A Tour Guide

21 London Apps That Are Better Than A Tour Guide. // Use these apps to take self-guided tours of the city about subjects that are specific to your interests!

Kensington gardens,London.

Garden gates of Kensington Palace ~ , London. I remember standing right there and enjoying the garden views.

London street

London, Covent Garden - I honestly feel almost as at home in London as I do in Glasgow, despite having lived here for over 20 years. The only reason I haven't just upped and left to live there is the price of living . local job first, then somewhere to

Covent Garden. London

The winding backroads and alleyways of Covent Garden, just a few steps away from Maggie Semple.

24 Ways to Make Money from Your Small Farm. come and fish in our gardens/lake and what you catch you buy/keep

26 Ways to make money from your small farm. If your dream is to live on a farm and live off the earnings, here are 26 ideas to help you do that.

Biodynamic Farm: Developing a Holistic Organism, by Karl-ernst Osthaus (Author), Beate Buchinger (Translator)

Large-scale agriculture tends to view a farm as a means for producing a certain amount of grain, milk or meat. This practical book argues instead for a holistic method of farming: the farm as a living