In the 80,s

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the logo for barbie's rockers is shown in front of an image of several dolls
Now this is how you rock it, 80's style!
the band color me badd is featured in this poster for their upcoming album,
color me bad i wanna
color me bad ..."OoOoOoo..I wanna sex you up!"
a metal object sitting on top of a wooden table next to some colored pencils
Vintage Boston Wall Mount Pencil Sharpener Schoolhouse | Etsy
Schools days. Had to stand in line to sharpen my pencil
an old pink electronic music player with the cover open and showing cartoon characters on it
Electron ECHO
:D !!
four different flavored candy bars are stacked on top of each other in the same row
Whistle Pops
an advertisement for mr sketoh's water color markers with the caption
Flashback: 15 Old Skool School Supplies -
Sniff them
a large collection of cassette tapes stacked on top of each other in different colors and sizes
Sneaky Experience | Leeds