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a woman standing in front of a potted plant with the words houseplants for beginners
Houseplants for Beginners: How to Keep House Plants Alive
Houseplants for Beginners | My Breezy Room
a white chair sitting next to a plant in a room
fireplace chair
a gold bar cart with glasses and bottles on the top, flowers in vases next to it
Spring Bar Cart Reveal + 5 Simple Cocktails | Danielle Gervino
Tips for Styling Your Spring Bar Cart + 5 Simple and Refreshing Cocktail Recipe's You'll Love! | via Pineapple & Prosecco | #barcart #homedecor #anthropologie
a living room filled with furniture and a large plant
Kmart styling
a living room filled with furniture and a rug
The year is not over yet but I'm starting to look back at the year that was and this has to be one of my favorite rooms of the year. Thanks to my beautiful client (and now friend) Leila for being so so beautiful to work with