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the word jolie written in cursive handwriting on a beige background with black ink
Jolie Home | Interior Design Passion Project | Neutral, Elevated, Handwritten Logo
handwritten, loose, casual, romantic script logo for modern, organic, elevated interior design firm
the words are written in white on an orange background
Somatic Coach and Photographer, Timeless and Elegant Logo Design, Minimal Branding, Photography
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the logos for several different brands are shown in this set of three images, each with their own logo
Photographer Branding inspo, Website Design inspo, Logo inspo, Graphic Design inspo by Twin Avenues
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the b & c logo is shown in red
Birdie Houses – Monogram Design by Alex Aperios on Dribbble
Birdie Houses – Monogram Design by Alex Aperios on Dribbble
an image of the cover of a book with words written in white and green on it
Femine Nutritionist Branding| Brand & Web Design | Minilie Design Studio
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some type of logos for something woody
Something Woodsy — Part 4 by Lindsay Ware on Dribbble
Something Woodsy — Part 4 by Lindsay Ware on Dribbble
the word asai na is written in black on a white background with an orange dot
Brand Identity Design for Jewelry Brand- Submark Logo Design
Aaina is a handmade jewelry company providing dainty, everyday pieces that make a statement. The goal was to create something organic & modern. We did this through the customized typography, starry accents, & neutral colors with a bit of pop. If you're looking for a brand designer, check out my past work & packages linked in bio! #brandingdesign #logodesigninspiration #logodesign #logoinspiration #brandidentitydesign #brandingdesignpackaging #branddesigninspiration #brandidentitydesign
the front cover of flora pacifica wedding florist, with an image of flowers on it
Primary Logo Design | Flora Creative Co
The goal was to reflect the passion behind her work and resonate with the clientele she aspires to attract! My key objective was to craft a brand identity that radiates a whimsical yet sophisticated charm, with a nod to feminine hues. I embraced a painterly textures, infusing Alleshia’s rebrand with an enchanting, artistic touch. #floristlogo #branding #logoinspiration #floristbranding
the front cover of lake florist's book, which is written in white ink
Photography Logo Design | Flora Creative Co
We aimed to create an emotive, art-forward scene with Mediterranean vibes, while ensuring it was also fashionable for this brand. Creating one of a kind photographic + hand drawn textures – she is able to bring forward that Mediterranean vibe to call on her future clientele through social media. #textures #logoinspiration #photographerbranding #patterndesign #brandin
the label for tapesty craft coffee on a pink and beige background with black lettering
modern coffee brand, coffee packaging
modern, casual, playful, refined, minimal, hand-crafted, edgy, neutral, urban, moody, organic, modern branding, refined branding inspo, minimal branding, hand-crafted branding inspo, urban branding inspo, moody branding inspo, organic branding, graphic design, logo inspo, branding, logo design. #brightenmade
the letter w is made up of white letters on a brown paper background, and it appears to be in cursive writing
Wildly Rooted Floral Design | Monogram
My primary objective was to craft a brand design that exudes a fun and fresh vibe while embracing an art-forward approach. By blending textures, I ensured that her brand would radiate an artistic flair, capable of adapting as she grows.To give her icon a cohesive and captivating touch, I used bold shapes with the flower petals as the central element. Iseamlessly integrated it throughout the entire design, giving it a mid-century modern nod.
a green background with the words sweet earth ceramics
Tactile, sweet and earthy logo design for wholesome ceramic artist by The Ink Garden.
Intentional and grounded logo design for a joyful, warm and grounded ceramic artist, Sweet Earth Ceramics. Featuring a whimsical and sweet colour palette and custom organic illustrations inspired by the artist’s wares, this brand design feels hand-crafted, considered and connected to human story. More details from this custom visual identity can be found on The Ink Garden website. #theinkgarden #branddesign #branddesigner #logodesigner #logodesign #logo #ceramics #pottery #ceramicartist
the shindy logo on a red background with pink lettering in white font, against a maroon backdrop
Eva Black Studio
Eva Black Studio
the logo for solea scent is shown in white on a brown paper textured background
Elegant logo design, tropical, palm tree inspired icon, illustration, submark for a Perfume Brand
Designed by Labels Studio. Get in touch via for your Branding + Packaging project.
a pink background with the words goma farms on it and an image of a book
Logo Design - Algoma Farms Handcrafted Cannabis Modern, Clean, Energetic Design by Mint Lane Studio
Algoma Farms' logo design is modern, clean and full of energy. Handcrafted Small Batch Oklahoma Cannabis. Modern, clean, colorful branding and logo design by Mint Lane Studio | #cannabisbranding #branddesign #packagingdesign