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How to create a custom font in Procreate
For those of you who followed my Typism Skills Summit tutorial last weekend, and created some awesome serifs letters, here’s how you can turn them into a working font! Watch “✍🏼 How to Create a Font in Procreate” on my YouTube channel (🔗 in bio) for the detailed tutorial and you’ll also get the Ink Brush I’m using for free. T O O L S ✍🏽 iPad Pro 12.9” (4th generation 256GB) Apple Pencil (2nd generation) Procreate App @procreateapp Calligraphr All my Procreate brushes are available on my Shop! ✨ #lettering #letteringartist #procreate #font #calligraphr #typography
Earth day procreate paper cut digital art girl world globe landscape canvas texture draw tutorial
Difficulty: Medium Supplies • Sadie Brush • Canvas Texture Brushes • Blox Font • iPad Pro • Procreate • Apple Pencil
Lettering in Procreate ☺️ I’m using 6B Pencil Brush and my Spark Pack 🙌🏼
Difficulty: Medium Tools: • iPad Pro 12.9” • Procreate • 6B Pencil • Spark Bundle Brush Pack
Landscape paper cut 3d digital art girl texture canvas painting procreate brushes bohemian aesthetic
Difficulty: Medium Supplies • Fine Canvas Textures • Sadie Brush • Boho Eclectic Color Palette • Procreate • iPad • Apple Pencil
Magic, 3d typography, digital art, lettering words, graphic design tips, fonts, hand lettering
Supplies • iPad Pro 12.9 in • 2nd Gen Apple Pencil • Procreate App • Adobe Fresco App
Procreate tutorial tips and tricks hacks digital art how to make a pattern
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