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a chair sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a metal railing and stairs
a21house / a21 studio
the sign for miyake sejo is in english and japanese characters are below it
三宅製疊 | ブランディングデザイン|Disport Inc.[ディスポート株式会社] 岐阜・名古屋
the sign for miyake sejo is lit up
三宅製疊 | ブランディングデザイン|Disport Inc.[ディスポート株式会社] 岐阜・名古屋
a table with a lamp on it in front of a wall
The interior at this SAS office building is designed with respect for the original architecture. The office creates its own identity with Troldtekt Plus acoustic panels. Click the picture to learn more about the transformation of SAS into a modern office. #goodacoustics #holzwolleplatten #träullsplattor #troldtekt Architects: Vibeke Brinck & Studio Heima
an empty room with white tile floors and wooden walls
FREAKS wraps French warehouse conversion in corrugated steel
people are sitting in chairs inside an open room with wooden partitions on the wall
London Schools Part Three: London Metropolitan by ARU - Architectural Review
an office filled with people working on computers
An Exclusive Tour of MeUndies’ Super Cool Los Angeles Office
a woman is standing in an office with many desks
an office filled with people working on computers
people are sitting at tables in an open space with lights on the ceiling and chairs around them
mix up the seating choices