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Jordan is specialized in glamour, lingerie & swimsuit modeling. Not to worry though, she is also a big action-sports fan, which makes her able to offer more than the average glamour model!

Recently I've found myself becoming more and more obsessed with the bimbo appearance/attitude. Maybe it's the fake tits and the fact that I get the overwhelming urge to cover them with cum every time...

I was a 'learn by doing' writer - I never took any formal writing classes. So it took a long time to figure things out and find my voice.

NSFW I do what Daddy says, always. I am a whore and should be treated as such in all that I do, remember that when messaging me.

only please!!This is my little slice of the web, where I can enjoy and share the things that move me. I hope you will enjoy your stay here with me, and that you too will find something here that moves you among my posts. You may or may not share...