Wellington, New Zealand

I live near here and I am sure that is not Taranaki street, but a view along Vivian Street. Briscoes is not in the right position for that to be Taranaki street (wrong side of the road and wrong angle for the building to be anything but on Vivian Street).

Wellington , Wellington Regional Stadium (Westpac Stadium), New Zealand: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/55/fa/9f/55fa9f77261d75870bf4041def061409.jpg

Wellington Regional Stadium (Westpac Stadium), Wellington, North Island, New Zealand

Wellington - New Zealand

Civic square, potential location as it is open and has very nice scenery as a backdrop

Breathtaking!! Wellington Harbour, Wellington, New Zealand.

So lucky to live here. Wellington Harbour, Wellington, New Zealand.

aerial shot of Wellington, New Zealand

Aerial shot of Wellington, New Zealand, where the amazing Beethoven's backpacker hostel was.

View of Wellington, Northland, New Zealand

Top Attractions in New Zealand

The beauty of this country is unique because a vast majority of the top attractions in New Zealand are of a natural kind. See what New Zealand has to offer!

Bus tunnel, Mt Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand

Cycling in Wellington’s tunnels

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