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Top 10 Hen Party Games, Hen Party Ideas

No hen party is complete with out some fun hen party games! Browse our unique hen party game ideas to add fun and laughs to your hen do.

Dream catcher!

Have each little dream catcher with something different. and eagle feather for papa, a sewing needle and thread for patty and a fishing lure for grandpa, a butterfly for aunt Sindy and add on too it. makes it pretty and meaningful

Love the simplicity of this one. and the 3 feathers. perfect for what I'm kinda going with

Linked to American native culture, dreamcatcher design is full of symbolism and history. Although dreamcatchers are now used for decorative purposes, they

Lotus flower dream catcher

Lotus flower dream catcher, I wonder if I can get it larger. It's too perfect

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meaning and History | InkDoneRight  Dreamcatchers have been around for at least a few thousand years. They inspire hope for the future, along with thoughts of safety. They're one of the most..

Love the dream catcher idea. too bad everyone has dream catchers :( I had to make a rule. no dream catchers, stars, hearts, anchors, or feathers since everyone has them.

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