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Ill figure this out one day. maybe when Im bored. (: re-pin for the win!

Einstein's Riddle--The Zebra Puzzle; there's no evidence to support Einstein's authorship of this puzzle, nor the claim, but it's still a fun riddle

Epic Floor Design

Epic Floor Design, although I'm not sure what the idea is. if laid with clear or glass tiles to see the design would be different, but to put black tiles over doesn't make any sense. I wonder if you get a magnifying glass to view the floor.

25 Years Of Cell Phones In A Single Image

Cell phone design has come a pretty long way since the cell phone was introduced. 25 years of design evolution are displayed in this cell phone exhibition.

This is the one USB stick every iPhone fan will want to own

iStick is your USB Drive For your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - HYPER Launches iStick - World's First USB Flash Drive with Integrated Apple MFi Certified Lightning Connector for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via Kickstarter

Take a shower anywhere with this portable pressure shower.

NEMO Helio Pressure Shower - use the foot pump to regulate the water pressure; gallons provides 5 - 7 minutes of water

This isn't even the strangest sign on our list! Check it out...

Funny pictures about Beware of the falling cows. Oh, and cool pics about Beware of the falling cows. Also, Beware of the falling cows.

cd packaging

Like this minimalistic package. Seems more practical than struggling to get the cd off the center ring you normally find in common cd cases.

custom pc case

These 25 Outrageous Computer Case Designs Will Make You Hate Your Own Tower.

Solar Powered Window Socket

Solar Powered Window Socket designed by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh - The Window Socket attaches easily to any window, harnesses solar energy from its location, and transfers that energy into an internal battery.