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Persuasive Writing - Emotional vs Intellectual Words. This is fascinating! I like how exceptional is marvelous.:

This "Emotional vs Intellectual Words" is bullshit, but it's an excellent list of synonyms!

Garrus Vakarian + Commander Shepard #masseffect

I must admit i have some issues with Mass Effect 3 : it's full of bugs and the ending is simply incomplete. When it comes to Garrus romance, I'm . Mass Effect - One turian kind of woman

Sexism goes both ways

Whoever made this comic is amazing. One of my biggest complaints about sexism is that people think its okay for a girl to dress boyish and just call her a tomboy but if a boy dresses like a girl theres something wrong with him.<<well said

Conflict In Literature #writing

in one graphic Grant Snider has summed up Conflict in Literature in a delightful comic: Lisa Three of my favorite books presented themselves, one for each era: Classical - Till We Have Faces (Man vs God) Modern - The Gammage … Continue reading →