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the sun is setting on an empty train track near some water and power lines with birds flying in the distance
Serene Sunrise: Lovely Painterly Landscape with Retro Vibes and Anime Style
a large ship floating on top of a mountain under a moon filled sky
an animated scene with plants and mushrooms in the water
ArtStation - Explore
以后就没啥机会画萌萌哒的图了 by Wu Xin on ArtStation.
a painting of a mountain with a waterfall in the foreground and clouds in the background
Howl's, Roberto Nieto
a painting of a person standing in front of a train at night with trees and leaves
2001 Spirited Away, vincent belbari
ArtStation - 2001 Spirited Away, vincent belbari
a girl riding on the back of a white horse through a forest filled with trees
the art of animation
La princesa Mononoke
mushrooms and plants on a white background
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three cartoon characters floating in the air over a stream surrounded by plants and trees, with purple flowers around them
Repeating Pattern with sketchy illustrations of a variety of mushrooms, herbs, leaves and other natural autumn elements! Green background with orange-yellow-ish filling and inks Draw, Croquis, Design, Hoa, Drawings
Magic Mushrooms Natural Pattern
a bunch of flowers that are in the grass
a bunch of flowers that are on the ground in front of a black background with red, white and blue flowers
If I die young…