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a piece of cake with white frosting and chocolate sticks on the top, sitting on a white surface
Millefeuille Vanilla Caramel
BY CHEF CHRISTOPHE MICHALAK: Serves 6 | Prep/baking time 1h
several pastries are lined up on a white surface with chocolate chips and pistachio
Cannoli is a traditional Italian Sicilian dessert where a shell of Marsala-scented pastry is fried and filled with mascarpone-ricotta filling.
1h 30m
a cake on a plate with other desserts around it
Cannoli Cheesecake
Cannoli cheesecake #cannoli #cheesecake #christmas #thanksgiving #dessert
1h 50m
powdered sugar sprinkled over pastries on a cutting board
Pistachio Cannoli - Cannoli Shells and Pistachio Filling
two slices of chocolate cake with strawberries and flowers on the plate next to each other
Chocolate Raspberry Bavarois (vegan & grain-free) - Nirvana Cakery
Chocolate Raspberry Bavarois (vegan & gluten-free) Absolutely delicious vegan, grain-free wholesome dessert with raw crust and light chocolate and raspberry agar jelly.
1h 10m
a person is using an air freshener to make a cake on a plate with blue and white designs
Warm Butter Mini-Cakes or 1000 Calories of Bliss
Using a kitchen blow torch to make brulee topping on butter cake
1h 20m
a piece of chocolate cake sitting on top of a white plate
Chocolate Terrine |チョコレート テリーヌ
Chocolate Terrine |チョコレート テリーヌ – Buttermilk Pantry
three bowls filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to spoons
Classic French Crème Brûlée
classic french creme brulee (12)
two bowls filled with ice cream on top of a wooden table next to spoons
Creme Brulee Ice Cream
A creamy, vanilla custard based ice cream filled with burnt sugar caramel brittle. Re-inventing the classic Creme Brulee dessert in this delicious home made ice cream. Recipe By Emma Duckworth Bakes.
1h 10m
four pictures of cupcakes with white frosting and nuts on top, including pistachio
Pistachio and Chios Mastic Cupcakes – Φυστίκι Αιγίνης και Μαστίχα Χίου Cupcake
Pistachio and Chios Mastic Cupcakes ~
a piece of cheesecake with raspberries on top
Bruléed Cheesecake from The Food Charlatan.
1h 57m