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Catch me dear one Long have I fought I'm weary and I thirst For the sweetness of…

I swear I heard zelda music playing when I woke up this morning

Link - Legend of Zelda

blue_eyes gloves hat link male master_sword nintendo pointy_ears ponky shield solo sword the_legend_of_zelda weapon

for the longest time lol

A boy in my class asked this girl who the main character of Legend of Zelda is, and she said Zelda. Technically it's Link<< Zelda doesn't really do anything until the final battle in some loz games

Link by aoki6311  Like, Re-Pin. Thank's!!!  Repined by…

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Young Link / 「ゼルダログ」/「aoki」のイラスト [pixiv]…

The Legend of Zelda, Link

belt blonde_hair gloves hat holding link male nintendo ocarina_of_time pointy_ears sword the_legend_of_zelda weapon

Adult Link and Child Link can't be in the same world at the same time…

Ocarina of Time. I dunno why I like these Adult Link/Child Link pictures so much