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Keeley Phipps
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thats not allowed. can we please appreciate that Sirius' childhood and family was so screwed up and he coped in the way that he did

i didnt ask for that orange juice i asked for bucky--I only drink simply orange thank you

I would totally go on a date with someone if they sued that as a pickup line also for Phil we could say,"are you Phil lester because your personality is just too adorable" get it like in the punk edits video lol pls say u like my pickup line

after this he told everyone that he has a way to listen to music in his car now. lol he said "it's not stolen anymore"----- It's funny because I'm listening to Car Radio rn

There will never come a time when we won't need a hero like the Doctor. He is my super hero and my role model. People may think im crazy bc its 'just a tv show' but its not. Some of the thing he says are so inspirational

"The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester" vs "About A Boy"

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Canon Accepted: Lupin´s Law // Lupin was, and always will be, my favorite character and this really warms my heart and breaks it knowing that something so great came because of him but he'll never be able to see it.