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Scad Sidewalk Arts Festival 2013. The aquatic theme continues, this time with jellyfish.


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a. Takashi Murakami🤍🌼

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futurism art🦾🦿

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pen 🖊

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The figurine of a couple in love with the sun and the moon gives your loved one comfort in the house and reminders of you. These figurines add a touch of love and individuality to your interior.
Hand made 6 headed mirror. *Highly detailed Original design by the seller. *over 90 hand painted teeth ha ha *High quality acrylic mirror, behaves just like glass without the danger. *Mirror version of my best selling clock. *Painted in graphic flesh tones. *Solid chunky design *Dimensions approx. 22cm/18cm/4cm PLEASE FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT (im not very good at it ha ha)    All items are hand carved from clay by me, I then make a rubber latex mould  and support mould,I can then make a repro
Sandbox turtle ashtray! Makes the perfect gift or cute little nostalgic addition to any room. Made with clay and coated in epoxy resin to give it a smooth feel and shiny finish.   If using as ashtray please line with aluminum foil before use.  Message me with any questions and I will be happy to answer!


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Bleeding heart flowers pt1
Cherry blossom prismacolors (Dessin),  11x11 cm par EileenDDesign Cherry Blossom on paper, made with prismacolors
Water colour pencil drawing artwork print of a Hummingbird by UK artist Julie Dawn Farrell.  Original artwork was completed with watercolour pencils on watercolour paper. The print comes in A4 size and is signed by the artist.  The print is packaged with the greatest care in a cellophane bag, and posted in a protective card-back envelope to ensure it arrives safely to your doorstep. The print size is A4 (21cm x 29.7cm).  The print is unmounted and unframed, the framed photograph is for reference


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size: 18x12in Art Print: Zinnia Flowers I by Vivienne Dupont :


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a drawing of a pink and white snake on a note book with spiral bindings
an image of a baby with flowers in it's hand on a pink background
a drawing of a koi fish and a flower
coy fish and lotus flower
two coffee mugs decorated to look like animals with their mouths open and teeth painted on them
an orange flower painted on a canvas in front of a building with palm trees and potted plants
the sidewalk is painted with chalk and has an image of a jellyfish
Scad Sidewalk Arts Festival 2013. The aquatic theme continues, this time with jellyfish.
a chalk drawing of a bee on the sidewalk with purple flowers and grass in front of it
Busy bee sidewalk chalk
a painting of a girl holding a kitten
Sevasblog : things I like: KuKula
a drawing of a fairy sitting in front of a stove with a cat on it