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Tips, tricks and ideas to help you in your vegetable gardening adventures. Growing edibles, weeding, planting, pest control, what to grow, how to grow…
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a dog sitting in the snow holding a sign that says how to conduct lawn care in winter
How To Conduct Lawn Care In Winter
Taking care of your lawn to prepare for the winter season begins early. ​If you follow all of these tips, your grass should receive ample nutrients throughout the winter season #lawncareinwinter #winterlawncare #lawncare #agreenhand
some plants that are growing out of the ground with text overlay saying, early may planting guide garden edition
May Planting Picks for Your Garden | O’Toole’s Garden Centers
Early May Garden Planting Guide: Veggies & More Get ready to dig in! Early May garden planting season is here! Here are our top 3 tips to make the best of this time: 1. Plant cool-season veggies like lettuce, spinach, and radishes! 2. Start onions, leeks, and potatoes! 3. Begin seeds indoors for broccoli and cauliflower! Don't forget to save this pin for your gardening reference! 📌 Summer | Vegetables | Garden #gardening101 #GardenSecrets #gardeningseason #Summer
a person cutting up plants with scissors on a wooden table next to other items and greenery
Peas ‘N’ Pod Bernard
Peas 'N' Pod Bernard is a unique petite shelling pea from Pure Line Seeds. It has an afila vine meaning the vines stick together like velcro which will keep the plant upright and the pods off the ground. It can be grown in an 8-10” pot and it’s best to keep the spacing tight so that the vines can grow together as it matures. Bernard grows as a uniform hedge and produces beautiful white flowers at bloom. Bernard’s compact architecture allows it to be grown in a pot, raised bed, or small garden.
a cucumber growing on a plant with the title 11 vegetables to plant in may
11 Vegetables to Plant in May
there is a jar of pickles and other vegetables on the table with text reading pressure canning 101 everything you need to get started
Pressure Canning - Everything You Need!
With this fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in now, there is no better time to learn to pressure can food. Many people are taking a renewed interest in learning to can food in light of the recent world events taking place
a pile of carrots laying on top of each other in the dirt with green tops
Carrot Aranka for your garden
A standout bunching carrot, Aranka performs well at baby and mature stages, with excellent sweetness, bold orange color, smooth skin, and strong tops.
tomatoes growing on the vine with caption which kind of tomato should i grow?
Tomatoes - Determinate vs. Indeterminate
The basic differences between a determinate tomato type and indeterminate type are how much they grow, how tall they grow and how long they grow. Read about the advantages and disadvantages here. Gardening Love fresh from the Farm.
watermelon in a basket next to other fruits
Watermelon Sugar Punch Hybrid 'USAW 16134'
The bright red, fine-grained flesh has a wonderfully refreshing crispness, and its exceptionally high sugars give it an explosion of sweetness. It's sure to be a favorite for summer snacking and fruit salads. The uniform round, 7 1/2-to-8 1/2-in. fruits are the perfect size for tucking into the refrigerator or a picnic basket. The healthy vines exhibit high disease resistance and bear 3-5 fruits per vine.
the 11 best cucumber companion plants for growing and caring garden vegetables, including zucchini
Companion Plants For Cucumbers To Reap Big Harvests
a garden with the words gift ideas for anyone starting their first gardening project on it
Gift Ideas For Anyone Starting Their First Gardening Project
Over the course of the last year, gardening has been a wonderful way for people with all different levels of experience to relax, to explore a new creative avenue, and to feel the rewarding #giftIdeas #gardening #gardeningproject #startinggardening #projectgardening #agreenhand
red and orange peppers are growing in the ground
Pepper Wildcat
Pepper Wildcat is a cayenne pepper with extra-large, 2-3 ounce, fruits.“It’s a strong compact plant with good flavor,” stated one judge. The 8” fruits are straighter than traditional cayenne fruits with a great smoky flavor and peppery sweetness and a mild pungency of 500-1500 Scoville units. Ease of harvest combined with a very even growth habit and mild heat level makes this a good multi-purpose plant for everyone's garden!
How to Grow Ginger
Feed your curiosity and join us in our comprehensive breakdown on how to grow ginger in different environments. Whether you're in a warm or cool climate, we've got you covered on indoor and outdoor cultivation.
three jars filled with different types of food and the words free printout of pressure canning item list
Pressure Canning Item List - Free Download List
With this fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in now, there is no better time to learn to pressure can food. Many people are taking a renewed interest in learning to can food in light of the recent world events taking place.
Growing Leeks: The Ultimate Guide
Discover everything there is to know about leek farming in this ultimate guide. Understand what leeks are, how they're similar but milder than onions, and why they are grown for their thick white edible stalk. You'll also learn how to best care for your leeks, from planting to harvesting and everything in between. Dive into the world of leek farming today!
green leaves with water drops on them and the words reduce lawn care chores with ground covers
Reduce Lawn Care Chores With Ground Covers
Ground covers are typically used to cover sites where little else will grow, but with a little creative garden design planning these hard-working garden plants are the secret to creating a handsome low maintenance lawn. #agreenhand #lawncare #lawnchores #groundcover
the top garden challenges for home gardeners face and solutions to overcome them by living
11 Top Garden Challenges & Solutions to Overcome Them
Do you suffer from one of these top garden challenges and wish you could be a better gardener? Here's a list of the top challenges you might be struggling with as a gardener. via
several red and green peppers hanging from a plant
Enjoy multi-color sweet peppers on one plant!
Prism produces tasty fruit that is halfway between mini and standard-size bell peppers. With green, orange, and red fruit on the plant at the same time, it makes an attractive display. This sweet midi bell matures from light green to orange, and then to red. Can be harvested at all stages of maturity. Early maturing and highly productive. The seed has a high germination rate and offers resistance to Bacterial Leaf Spot 0-3, 7, and 8.
an image of squash being cut into pieces with the title why you shouldn't harvest butternut squash too early or too late
When is the Best Time to Harvest Butternut Squash?
🥗 What causes hollow squash? This and many others can be a result of a lack of care or poor harvesting methods. The right way to cut squash from the stem is by...
a person in yellow gloves is holding potatoes and gardening equipment with the title, mastering potato cultivation easy guide
Potato Growing 101 | O’Toole’s Garden Centers
Potato Growing Tips for Beginners: Get Growing 💡 Ready to grow your own potatoes? Learn all about it with our beginner's guide! We'll teach you which potatoes to choose for your climate, the perfect soil, and where to place them for the best growth. Plus, tips on watering, spotting when to harvest, and more! Follow us for more tips! Potato Plant Care | Potato Growing Guide | Beginner's Guide #gardening101 #gardeningknowhow #PotatoHarvest #GrowYourOwnFood
how to kill spider mitts in the garden with text overlay that reads, how to kill spider mitts
How To Kill Spider Mites In The Garden
Spider mites infest stressed garden plants and houseplants, especially in summer months. Control spider mites using natural organic pest control methods. #agreenhand #spidermites #mites #getridofmites #garden
fruit trees with the title how to protect fruit trees from frost
How To Protect Fruit Trees From Frost
Frost is bad for fruit-bearing trees. After all, frost can damage the leaves and prevent your fruit trees from bearing fruits optimally. Whether you have mango trees or banana trees, you cannot risk them being damaged due to the harsh effects of the cold winter season. Thus, having ample knowledge of protecting fruit trees from frost is important. #wintergardening #protectplants #fruittrees #coldwinter #frost #treewrap #sprinklersystem
the words 7 successful garden tips for home gardeners on top of a wooden background
7 Successful Garden Tips for Home Gardeners
You can grow great vegetables, herbs, fruits. You can do this and I'm here today to help you with 7 successful garden tips for home gardeners. #vegetablegardening #homesteaders #growingvegetables
a close up view of some green leaves
Pak Choi Green Stem Mei Qing - Hybrid
40 to 50 Days. Annual, Hybrid. This is the first hybrid, green stem, dwarf, Shanghai pak choi developed with heat/cold tolerance and bolt resistance. It has a uniform, erect, compact, tight vase-shape growing habit and weighs about 1/4 lb. each. The petioles are tasty, crisp, and tender. It is a good choice for home and field growing. With wide growing adaptability, it is suitable for spring and fall sowings, and in cool regions, summer sowing is also possible.
some plants are growing in pots and on the ground with text overlay that reads, veggie garden supply list includes starting seeds indoors
Veggie Garden Supply List | Modern Frontierswoman
I have so many people asking what supplies they truly NEED to get started with a new garden. I thought this post would help all the beginner gardeners out there.
the cover of 25 planting herbs that attract bees
25 Planting Herbs that Attract Bees to Your Garden
Are you looking for a way to help the bees that can also help you? Planting herbs that attract bees can also have medicinal and culinary benefits for you! Here's the best facts about the 25 herbs that bees love and we do, too. via
strawberries in a basket with text overlay how to grow strawberries in your own backyard
How To Grow Strawberries
Learn how to grow strawberries at home with minimal effort. An easy to grow perennial ideal for every summer garden. Kids love eating the ripe fruit, and strawberries can be used in many healthy recipes. #gardeningtips #vegetablegardening #homesteading #urbangardening via @earthfoodandfire
an image of flowers with the words easy flowers to grow from seeds in front of them
Easiest Flowers to Grow from Seeds
Growing flowers can be daunting. With it's delicate and sensitive features, one can get discourage easily especially if you're a beginner gardener. Here we share the types of flowers you can easily grow from seed in your own garden. #growingflowers #agreenhand #easyflowers #howtogrowflowers
peas growing in the garden with text that reads can you grow cucumbers and peas together?
Can You Grow Cucumbers and Peas Together?
Ever thought about saving some space in your veggie patch? 🤔 Try growing cucumbers and peas together on the same trellis! 🌱💚 Learn how these two garden favorites can coexist and provide a fantastic double harvest! 🥒🌿💡
a woman kneeling in the middle of a garden with flowers and plants around her, text reads 8 no's in the vegetable garden don't make these mistakes
8 No No's in the Vegetable Garden
You can be a beginner or a guru, if you grow vegetables, mistakes happen. It's important to learn and move on. Here's a list of 8 mistakes NOT to make [LEARN MORE]
different types of ornamental grasses with text overlay that reads 7 ornamental grasses for containers or naturalized in desert gardens
Top Ornamental Grasses For Containers Or Naturalized In Desert Gardens
When people think of grass, they generally think of lawns. But ornamental grasses are not necessarily turf grass. #agreenhand #ornamental #grasses #lawngrass #landscaping
three potatoes sitting in the dirt with text overlay that reads vegetable best soil mix for gardening
Nourish Your Treasured Plants: Mastering the Best Soil Mix for Vegetable Gardening
Read this comprehensive post on how to achieve the best soil mix for your vegetable garden for lush crops. It delves into the roles of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron, zinc, iron, and more in soil fertility. The blog post further discusses how to enhance soil quality with compost and amendments—useful insights for better gardening results! Follow the link to the full post for all the details!
spring garden early planting guide for home gardens with pictures of the plants and seedlings
Spring Garden Early Planting Guide for Home Gardens
I know you're itching to begin early spring garden planting. Here's your guide to start getting your garden ready plant!
the container is filled with different types of containers
Container Salad Gardening
strawberries growing in the garden with text overlay that reads growing strawberries for beginners
Growing Strawberries for Beginners
Learning how to grow strawberries is easier than you think! Even if you're a beginner, you can be growing strawberries this year! Let me show you the tips and tricks you need for a great year of growing your own fresh strawberries! #strawberries #howtogrowstrawberries #easygardening #beginnergardening #containergardening #balconygardening
five green pumpkins sitting on top of a wooden table
Squash Kabocha Sweet Jade
This cute, single-serving-sized kabocha squash is the perfect addition to your garden for a fall harvest. Sweet Jade proved itself in the AAS Trials with its high yields and good holding capability. Each fruit is between 1-2 pounds and can be used for single servings of squash, as an edible soup bowl, or in any number of Asian-style dishes where a sweet, earthy nutritious squash is typically used. Sweet Jade’s deep orange flesh is sweet and very flavorful whether roasted, baked, or pureed.
some green plants growing in the dirt
Cilantro Moroccan is a four-in-one herb!
Moroccan coriander is a four-in-one herb! Fast-growing, it quickly produces a flavorful flush of leaves soon followed by delicate, white (and edible) flowers that are a treat for small beneficial insects, keeping pests away. But the best part of this variety is the large, green seed pods with bright, aromatic flavor that come after flowering; since it's quick to bolt, it's ideal for producing an abundance of seeds, and its long, clean stems make harvesting easy!
japanese beetle control in your home garden
Japanese Beetle Control in Your Home Garden
Are you desperate for Japanese beetle control methods that work for you? Here are some options you can take to control these pesky insects from destroying your garden. #gardeninsects #japanesebeetles via
carrots, celery and dip in a bowl on a table
Tomato Sun Dipper
Sun Dipper’s unique elongated fruit can be held between your fingers for easy use with dips and sauces. No more accidental finger-dips in the ranch sauce! The orange flesh fruit looks great on a vegetable platter and tastes delicious. Plants are indeterminate and have great resistance to in-ground diseases, so you’ll harvest trusses of Sun Dipper tomatoes until the frost.
some green leafy plants growing in the ground
Top Chop Collard - Superfood from Your Garden
This hybrid powerhouse boasts: Uniformity & Upright Habit: Top Chop collards stand tall and proud. Bountiful Harvests: Those wide, flat leaves mean more collard goodness in every basket. Bolt Resistance: Top Chop collards stay sweet and tender, thanks to their impressive bolt resistance. Superfood Status: It's packed with nutrients, ranking high on the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI). Think fiber, calcium, vitamins A, C, and K
Broccoli Purple Magic F1
This purple broccoli is magical! How else do you explain a broccoli that has it all? From its beautiful purple color, tight uniform heads and bright beads to its great broccoli flavor, this easy to grow broccoli is also stress and heat tolerant. A showstopper. Excellent broccoli to try growing in cooler seasons. Can be eaten raw, stir-fried, roasted, lightly blanched, or steamed for the best texture, either way, you will find it sweeter and more tender than traditional green broccoli.