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an acrylic painting of a tree with pink blossoms in front of a full moon
DIY Art Kits | Take the Painting Party Home in Portland, OR | Bottle & Bottega
an abstract painting is hanging on the wall
two paintings are hanging on the wall next to each other, one is green and white
Oefenen met verfgieten of paint pouring
Geen ervaren kunstschilder? Maar wel zin om iets moois te creëren met verf? Dan is verfgieten ook wel paint pouring genoemd misschien wel iets voor jou! Ik waagde mij aan deze abstracte kunsttechniek en deel graag mijn ervaringen in deze blog met jou. Ik geef je tips en trucs om zelf ook aan de slag te gaan met deze leuke acrylverfstijl.
an abstract painting is displayed in front of a potted plant
Blue commission piece- Jill Hotchkiss Art
Beautiful 😍
a person is using scissors to paint an abstract painting
Мастера лить краску: флюид арт.
Violet and Gold - Amazing color palette idea for abstract acrylic painting
In this abstract painting tutorial, I’m exploring a new color palette in my Vibrant Overflow series. Violet and Gold! This is a super striking color combination, very contrasting, and at the same time very mysterious and serene! This pour painting turned out so elegant and feminine. Oh, these colors and all this floral or almost smoky movement... Plus BONUS - I’ll show you how I touch up my painting before applying epoxy resin. I hope you enjoyed this idea! Happy creating!
Try a New Style of Art
an abstract painting with blue and purple colors on black paper, sitting on top of a table