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Game of Thrones Memes
Game of Thrones. These deaths will always be remembered in our heart. Not you Ramsey, you deserved it.
I swear I can't handle watching those scenes
Game of thrones facts part 3
Game of Thrones Memes
Me all the time. Game of thrones funny humour meme. Arya Stark, Maisie Williams. Season 7 episode 1
Game of Thrones funny meme. season 6 and we still don't know
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HA. So true. I'm #TeamCersei because I just want to watch the world burn (not literally, though this has great chance of happening with these two in charge.) and she is the bitch master, queen of my sucker-for-bitch-scenes heart. Later, when I'm fully satisfied with the BitchesBowl they can destroy each other or Daenerys can win over her and later lose to someone else (or at the battle against the Others) because I don't want either of them to win the Throne in the end.
Game of thrones season 7 funny humour meme