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a poster with different types of bugs on it
Your DIY Bug Repellent Guide to Common Household Pests
Your DIY Bug Repellent: Roaches = boric acid, bay leaves, catnip, soapy water; Silverfish = boric acid; flies = ACV, crushed mint; Ants = cinnamon, black pepper, baby powder; fleas = baking soda + salt, lemon water
the words, this fly repelent strategy really works and is so simple you will wonder
Amazingly Effective, Nontoxic Fly Repellent
This fly repellent strategy really works and is so simple you will wonder why you haven't tried it before.
Life Hacks Life Hacks, Organisation, Bath, Need To Know, Good Advice, I Need To Know, Amazing Life Hacks
Compilation Of The Best Ever Life Hacks
Life Hacks
the process of making an omelette with stainless steel
How To Keep Food From Sticking To Stainless Steel Pans
Learn just how quick and easy it is to give your stainless steel pans a non-stick surface. You can even use them to cook eggs!
there are pictures of different types of clothes on the shelf and below them is text that reads 51 fixes for clothing catastrophes
25 Quick And Clever Solutions For Your Clothing Catastrophes
The next time you're tempted to throw away something in your wardrobe you think is loss because of some catastrophe or another....STOP! Read this post first! :-)
Where's my Elmer's glue at? Humour, Fitness, Health Tips, Fun Facts, Annoying Kids, Health Remedies, Remedies
Where's my Elmer's glue at?
1000 Life Hacks Things To Know, 1000 Life Hacks, Diy Life Hacks, Simple Life Hacks
15 Pinterest Fashion and Beauty Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind - Gurl.com
1000 Life Hacks
Tips!! #Entertainment #Trusper #Tip Short Cuts, Tips, Life, Find Icons, Lifehacks, Facts, Hacks, Job, Vida
Tips!! #Entertainment #Trusper #Tip
someone wrote this message on the floor with red and white paint that says sugar makes nail polish clump up and can sweep it right off the floor? no scrubbing at all
Glow In the Dark Concrete: The Return, Foundation Builders LLC : I know I have posted about this before but really this idea of Glow in The Dark Concrete is so simple, yet genius and I refuse to believe that this will not soon take off across houses and communities in the United States. Remember where you read it first! The amazing fact about this technology is that the concrete aggregates only require 10-15 minutes of light a day in order for the concrete to glow for up to 12 hours! Talk...
I was in Ulta today and a sales lady dropped nail polish. They immediately began poring sugar on it. Did you know sugar makes nail polish clump up and you can sweep it right off the floor? I watched them. No scrubbing at all!
someone is grilling onions on an outdoor grill with the words tip how to make your grill non stick
Make your bbq grill non stick by rubbing half an onion on it
two bottles in a sink filled with water
Remove labels from jar or bottles easily - BestOfTips
Best way I have found to remove labels from jars and bottles! Love this! #tips #upcycle
Use tea bags to soak up the sweaty smell in sneakers/ gym bag!! Home Remedies, Health, Smelly Shoes, Smelly, Health And Beauty
Use tea bags to soak up the sweaty smell in sneakers/ gym bag!!
a bottle of homemade go gone recipe oil
Top 10 Copycat Cleaner Recipes
Pin It Now and Save it for later!! Copycat Goo Gone Recipe
a close up of a piece of paper on a wooden table with words written in it
Get Rid of Those "Skeeters"!
I will have to try it
a home office with wooden floors and built in desks, cabinets, and pictures on the wall
grasscloth wallpaper - love these colors - warm and cozy