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24 Journaling Prompts for End-of-Year Reflection - Becoming Who You Are
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How To Do An Annual Review: 10 Questions - Sarah K Peck
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99 FREE Notion Templates for Everything [2024]
the daily planner is open and ready to be used
Positive Daily Planner- Free Template (in comment)
two flowers in a vase with the title time management tips for entrepreneurs read the post
Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs | Business Systems + Tools
Time Management — a hot topic for entrepreneurs and extremely important for thriving as a small business owner. For me, that looks like mapping out my days in my Google Calendar and time-blocking the non-negotiables in my schedule, but for others it could look different! I'm giving you my top time management tips for entrepreneurs in our latest blog post! Check out another business resource blog all about some of my favorite free business tools I use daily. #timemangement #businessresources
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How I Use Notion (For Home, Work, and Personal Goals) — Serif & Script Co.
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the ultimate guide to declutter your digital life
Digital Declutter: The Ultimate Guide to Declutter Your Digital Life
Declutter your digital life with this ultimate guide. A complete how-to to do a digital declutter on your phone, computer, email and more. #organisation #declutter #minimalism #productivitytips #digitaldeclutter