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an image of a website with the words how to choose the perfect shopify theme
How to choose the perfect Shopfiy theme for your business | Squiggle & Code
How to choose the perfect Shopfiy theme for your business | Squiggle & Code
Sand background with text on top that says How to duplicate a product in Shopify. There is a black and white image of a laptop, and a green squiggle divider. A logo saying "Squiggle & Code" appears at the bottom of the image. Business Tips, Shopify Tutorials, Shopify Products, Old Ones, Save Time
Save time by creating new Shopify products by duplicating your old ones. Copy across all the settings, images, copy etc. then just tweak what you need to. Here's how.
the front cover of how to write a client welcome packet, with text overlaying it
How to Create a Welcome Packet: Copy to Include (and Omit) - Blog from Ashlyn Carter | Launch Expert & Copywriter for Creatives
a pink background with the words website metrics you should know in black and white
Website metrics that matter
When was the last time you looked at Google Analytics? Here are three metrics you'll want to check out. #websitetips #websitehacks #bloggingtips
what to ask before picking a web designer
What to ask before picking a web designer.
Ready to have your website designed (or redesigned?) Here's what you should ask any potential designer. #websitehacks #ecommerce #webdesign
What I've Learnt From 2 Years Of Freelancing | Katherine Stevenson Freelance Web Design, Cold Calling, First Blog Post, Service Based Business, You Are Important, Pinterest Strategy, Wordpress Plugins, Web Development Design
What I've Learnt From 2 Years Of Freelancing - Katherine Stevenson
What I've Learnt From 2 Years Of Freelancing | Katherine Stevenson
a desk with a keyboard, notebook and watch on it text reads simplily your workday in 12 steps
12 Steps to Simplifying Your Day as a Solopreneur
When everything in the workday feels like it is top priority, I turn to this list of 12 hacks to simplify and focus my time and energy. So grateful to be able to simplify the crazy tasks of the day. #productivityhacks #solopreneur #simplify
the words how to know if pinterest is right for your business on top of a desk
How to Know if Pinterest is Right for Your Business - Addie Gray Digital
This guide to Pinterest for business & figuring out if Pinterest will work for you is going to help you know if Pinterest is right for your business and can be used to choose if you can do it yourself or should hire a Pinterest manager. Head to the blog to find out! #pinterest tips
the words how to really start a blog and make money in 2021
How to Really Start a Blog and Make Money in 2021
A step by step guide to help you make money as a blogger. If you want to learn how to making money blogging then keep on reading! #howtostartablog #moneytips #makemoneyfromhome #blogtips
a laptop computer with the words is blogging worth it in 2021? on top
Is Blogging Worth It?
You want to learn how to start a blog and make money, but is starting a blog worth it in 2021? Is blogging dead? Click to learn whether blogging is still worth it and what blogging strategies are dying or already dead. If you want to have a profitable blog, you need to know what does and does not work. I also cover blogging for beginners tips and ideas. #bloggingdead #blogtips #thecreativeimpact
a white table topped with an egg and other items
Effective Ways To Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers - Gillian Sarah
Thinking of growing your blog and building your email list? If you're starting, you know how challenging it is to get your first 100 subscribers! And the problem is, there is so much info about the dos and don'ts of growing an email list that it's hard to know facts from fiction. What to do?Hey, we've been there! We know how exhausting it is to grow an email list.
an info sheet describing how to take time off as a solopreneur, including instructions
How to Take Time Off as a Solopreneur | Kristen Leigh
As a creative female entrepreneur you need to regularly take time off for yourself. Kristen teaches you how to take time off without sacrificing client relationships with these 6 simple steps. #solopreneur #selfemployed #timeoff
two women sitting at a table with the text how to get more done in your day
Multiply Your Achievement by Four Times Per Day
Learn how to make the best output from your daily life. #onlineentrepreneur #onlinebusiness #womenentrepreneur #businesstips #marketing
the top five brands you should be using for your business
Cool Designs Creative
15 Brand Touchpoints Your Creative Business Should be Hitting #cool #designs #creative #cooldesignscreative Your brand is the face of your business. It's how your audience experience's your business even when you aren't around. If you've had a business for a while or you have been doing your research, you know your business will need a logo and a color palette and even a few fonts. But, what
a white sign with the words how to automate your business on it next to dried flowers
How to Automate Your Business | Be Bold Design Studio
To automate your business doesn't have to be hard. It can start with one or two simple steps. Click here to find out how.