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the silhouette of a man with his hand raised up in front of an orange sky
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Todays Top Bible Verse - Matthew 6:33 ;)
a quote from st mary blyde with the words i am now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of god?
Bible Verses for Your Weight Loss Journey (The Ultimate Guide)
10 Bible Verses for Your Weight Loss Journey : So Very Blessed - Losing weight is not nearly as hard when you bring Scripture in! Use these 10 verses to add power, hope, motivation, & encouragement to your journey.
a person walking down a path in the woods with a bible verse on it's side
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an image of the words jesus can truly satisfy my soul, this is why i live for him
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a path leading to the beach with a bible verse
Psalms 18:16
an image of jesus standing in front of sheep with the words i am and john 3 8
This is only a fraction of Who Our esus really is !!!!!