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an image of a cartoon character with many words in the language and pictures on it
Springston Te Reo : Teaching Resources
the color song is written in different languages
Barnardos Early Learning
Part of our Songs for Tamariki series - children love to sing, it helps them…
a red and black frame with the names of different languages
Classroom Treasures
Māori days of the week for classroom display. Free and printable from Classroom…
a bulletin board with different colored circles and words written on the wall above it that says,'whanau we were learning to blend pastels by expressing our family groups
pastel Koru design representing family members
an abstract painting of green and blue waves in the ocean with orange sky behind it
Seascape - Robyn Lamont NZ Artist
an art project with different colors and shapes
Our Koru Art
Koru art to represent family
the structure of a house with all its parts labeled
Early Māori measurement
INFO SHEET - Pre-European Māori measurement - Due to the geographical isolation of New Zealand, pre-European Māori had little contact with neighbouring islands. Trade and commerce were internally based so there was no need for a precise measuring system. However, activities such as wharenui construction, waka making, woodcarving and weaving did require a high degree of precision.
an image of a mask that is made out of paper
Hands On Crafts for Kids
Hands On Crafts for Kids maori mask new zealand
nine colorful stained glass panels with spirals on them
maori koru art for kids
an art project is displayed in front of a wall with pictures and words on it
Or own wharenui. Each picture on the maihi represents something important to one student or the clad just add the carvings on a meeting house might depict something about the hapu of that marae. On the amo are images of legends that resonate with the class.
four bookmarks with designs on them and the word y in red, green and white
Maori Bookmarks to Make and Colour
Maori Bookmarks to Make and Colour
the interior and exterior of a house with different parts labeled in blue on each side
Masterpiece Monday & Art Around the World - Day #10 - Maori of New Zealand
the Art Curator for Kids - Art Around the World - New Zealand - Maori - Parts of Wharenui, Te Whare Runanga labeled
an image of the land in different languages
maori resources - Google Search