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a large map of the ocean and land
Map of Niue, small island country in the South Pacific Ocean
three men and two women dressed up in grass skirts, standing next to each other
My Weekend: Ngahuia Williams - New Zealand News - NZ Herald
WORLD TOUR: Michael, Germon & Liam of Papatoetoe High School wear traditional Niuean costumes. Ngahuia wears a Workshop top, $269, & pants $298. Ruby scarf $49. Mi Piaci boots $320
a guide to snorkelling in nue discovery the hidden gems of the south pacific
A Guide To The Best Snorkelling In Niue - Snorkels To Snow
A guide to the best snorkelling in Niue! Discover this hidden gem of the South Pacific, where to stay in Niue and the best snorkel spots in Niue #snorkel #snorkelling #Niue #niuetravel #southpacific
the inside of a cave with clear blue water and green algae growing on it's sides
Niuean ancestor kings’ private bathing cave. | Makefu, Niue Island
a black and white striped snake on the ocean floor
This sea snake is the most poisonous snake in the entire world.
there are many different types of seafood on the plate with lettuce and lemon wedges
Seafood from Niiue
Nature, Places, Waves, Niue, South, Travel South, Atoll
purple and white flowers are on top of some rocks in plastic wrapping bag with yellow flower
Food from the reef.
a plate with meat, vegetables and greens is shown in close up view to the side
...using the leaf from the 'le' tree as a plate.,,,there is cooked taro, pawpaw, onions & 'kaluku' a type of fern that grows in the wild...
the meat and vegetables are wrapped in plastic
"polo punu kaluku" the kaluku fern and Corned beef baked in the umu or eath oven in the ground, It is wrapped with the banana leaf. This type of cooking is native to Niue.
some people are standing at the entrance to a cave
a pink and black coral in shallow water
Amazing Coral at Niue - Best I have seen
a sign for the naval conservation park
Map Archive - Eco-Odyssey Foundation
where is niue island | Niue Island, Niue
Embracing our Niuean Culture with the art of dance perfomances (photo by B. Vakaafi) Boy Fashion, Hula Dancers, Asian Kids, Native North Americans, Kids Photography Boys, Summer Boy, Boys Summer Outfits, Black Kids Fashion
Embracing our Niuean Culture with the art of dance perfomances (photo by B. Vakaafi)
several different types of corn hanging from strings
Shell necklaces made by the women of Niue.