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two texts that are on top of each other
A rockinsince86 Follow "dude" but like romantically "babe" but like platonically E crypticwafflesandvhstapes Foll "Sweetheart" but like rivalry EL gaygent-three Follow "bastard" but like partner ES, emocheezeball Follow "Darling" but I can't stand you - iFunny
a man walking across a parking lot next to parked cars
blue bananas grown in the hawaiian islands, tastes like vanilla ice cream you telling me i could have been eating blue bananas this whole time?
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a man holding a microphone with the caption'my mom asking me if i want to be a boy '
an image of a man sitting at a table in front of a screen with text
New and Fresh Funny Memes - 9GAG
two people standing next to each other in front of a computer screen with the caption'look at tadah's face he like bayama u better work or else'gona think i just
a tweet with the caption that says, lady hops is one of a cop
Judy hopps is an amazing cop
two screenshots of people dressed in costumes, one is dancing and the other is singing
the tweet on twitter has been altered to read gays have love, simon
LGBTQ Memes - 73
an info sheet with different colors and text
True story.
He did choose the wrong class
an image of the face and eyes of a snowman with caption that reads, sun / surface temperature = 5 50 c
The Vengeful One