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some very pretty pink and purple crystals together
Brilliantly clear amethyst cluster tips with druzy and clear quartz tips and base. Powerfully beautiful!!
an opalite is shown on top of a black stand with other opals in the background
This is an American Contra Luz Opal.
This is an American Contra Luz Opal. | This Beautiful Gemstone Looks Like It Contains A Small Nebula
some very pretty colorful rocks on a black surface with lights in the backround
Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster - Сrystal Сure
ANGEL AURA QUARTZ CRYSTAL (cluster) *an uplifting spiritual stone that invites angel guidance, deep peace during meditation, promotes joy, light & optimism. :Activate throat chakra Find ur personal purpose Channel higher knowledge Reach deeper meditative states Open awareness to the angel domain
a wooden pyramid with rocks and crystals in it
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Jared gets a good laugh out of my mineral obsession. But srsly, they're not rocks ... they're minerals (said in my best Hank voice). And they're perfect for my workspace!
Rhodochrosite Pink Form - Rhodochrosite - Candy Sweet, Pink Rhodochrosite, Mercury Retrograde, Rock Hounding, Sweet Candy, Raw Material, Diy Natural Products, Pink Quartz
Rhodochrosite - Wikipedia
Rhodochrosite Pink Form - Rhodochrosite -