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a striped lamp shade hanging from a ceiling
Anthropologie UK | Fashion, Home, Jewellery & Gifts
love old wool blankets upcycled
an orange and blue pillow with the word beach printed on it sitting on a bed
Orange Cushion. I made this cushion out of an old blanket that I felted. The BEACH letters are of felted wool cut out and machine stitched. The edges of the cushion are crocheted to look like a blanket stitch.
Upcycled Wool Blanket Tote Bag | Keepsakes | Patchwork, Upcycling, Upcycled Blanket, Upcycled Purse, Upcycled Bag, Quilted Bag, Recycled Sweaters, Sewing Bag, Blanket Coat
Madeit Australia
Upcycled Wool Blanket Tote Bag | Keepsakes |
a close up of a yellow and red stitch on a wooden surface
Blanket Stitching – Part 3 – Corners and Sewing 2 Pieces Together
unbelievably excellent blanket stitch tutorial - I never knew how good a blanket stitch could be! LOL
a person holding up a white and blue cloth with the words trick for a perfect blanket stitch
How To Get the Perfect Blanket Stitch (Dream Crafter)
How To Get the Perfect Blanket Stitch
a plaid chair sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white door and window
Chair Covered in Old Blankets
three decorative pillows are sitting on the shelves
DIY blanket cushions with printed words on. Outdoor seating made comfortable