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kathryn saville
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11 Weeds You Should Be Eating, Not Killing

Although most people see weeds as a nuisance, there are certain so-called “weeds” that are not only edible but also quite nutritious and sustaining.

Circle stitching, applique, colorful stitching, slow stitch

Interesting crazy patchwork-type piece that features hand embroidery .

Lampions, Wool, hand embroidered Sophie Digard- all french knots

"Hand-embroidered wool with French knots. Sophie Digard' Imagine working every one of those knots. S//back in the there was a woman making realizing portraist from french knots.like pointillism paintings

Exquisite colours. Blue (and gold) needlework .

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List: The Rainbow Girl, Contemporary Blue 'broderie anglais' (detail)

beaded quilt by Thom Atkins http://www.thomatkins.com/quilts  Not sure where to pin this, on quilting or embroidery or beading....

Thom Atkins, beaded quilt, Tenuous Membrane, detail - stunning phone I nabbed from my sister, Gale Roanoake