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two birds perched on top of a red bird feeder with an umbrella over it's head
Upcycle: Serve up ... a bird feeder
upcycled bird feeder. I bet if you turn the plate the other way you can have a little bird bath too :D
purple flowers are blooming in front of a fence
Romence Gardens & Greenhouses | Grand Rapids MI
Syringa x 'Bloomerang' Lilac Syringa x 'Bloomerang' is an exciting lilac that has fragrant purple flowers that burst onto the scene in spring and then again in mid-summer, continuing right up until frost. It has an excellent compact growth habit, making it an excellent choice for small gardens!
blue flowers are growing out of the ground in a bowl
tinywhitedaisies - via
I can do this
a tree stump fountain with birds perched on it's sides and moss growing around the base
Staggered log sculpture - this would be cool to make from real wood as a garden decoration - mix in some rotten/hallowed out pieces to plant small flowers on some levels
a garden filled with lots of different types of flowers
Sieberz Romania
flowers. plants, colorful small garden
many different types of flowers growing in a garden area with gravel and trees behind them
Sweet William