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a woman standing in front of a colorful painting
Layered and Embellished Trapunto Paintings Exude Spirit in Pacita Abad’s First Retrospective — Colossal
the back of a woman's white jacket with intricate designs on it at a fashion show
Schiaparelli Fall 2015 Couture Fashion Show
a woman sitting on the ground working on an item with colorful fabrics and threading
Peru | Cusco - Weaver in Awana Kancha
Cusco - Weaver in Awana Kancha
a woman is sitting on the floor with a large instrument in her hand and wearing an elaborate headdress
The Faces of Folk Art - Santa Fe Folk Art Market - Santa Fe Selection
a red sculpture sitting on top of a white floor next to a ball with holes in it
Untitled | Alison Grace Martin
a woman is weaving fabric on a loom with two wooden poles in front of her
People of the Mountains - Igorots of the Cordilleras | Photographer Jacob Maentz
Traditional Loom Weaving. A kalinga woman in her home, making patterns on a wooden loom. Her finished products can be sold or sent to Baguio.
an image of a woman with many colors on her face and arms in the shape of a sunburst
Pacita Abad at Spike Island, Bristol
Contemporary Art, Traditional Weaving, Igo, Indigenous Art, Filipino, Lake, Filipino Art, Master
T’nalak weaving near Lake Seto, Philippines