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an image of a bedroom with blue lights on the wall and white bedding in it
p i n t e r e s t : ☼ L a u r e n ☼
an unmade bed with pink sheets and blankets on it in front of a hello sign
a woman sitting on top of a bed next to a wall with pictures and lights
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a woman standing in front of a wall with pictures and lights hanging from it's sides
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Room goals x @isabelllcollins
a woman sitting on a couch in a bedroom next to a bed and potted plant
there is a teddy bear sitting on the floor in front of a mirror with a blanket draped over it
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a bed with pillows and blankets on top of it, next to a laptop computer
The patterned pillows contrasts the other plain patterns
two people are laying in bed with lights strung above them and one person is using a laptop