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I keep having to explain this to my hubs

I can't sleep without a fan on! Almost 3 years of marriage and it still dries my husband nuts!

Jane Crochet Swimsuit - Blue - $86

This crochet-top one-piece has been our most anticipated arrival ever!The beautiful boho style--combined with a flattering serenity color--is sure to make this

Give your cat a treat for up to 50% off at Petmountain.com!!! #Petm Funny cat meme I animal meme More

Omg my sisters gang up on me if I eat the last of ANYTHING that has sugar or was made on a holiday! Who else can relate

Full house. This was my favorite episode. I've got both my kids saying this all the time!

"There's a car in the kitchen!" This was my favorite episode i love how everybody says the car came through the window michelle is my favorite