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Give and Receive

I remember my dad telling me this growing up. Blessed are those who give without remembering and receive without forgetting.

100s of cool science experiments

pick up thousands of rice grains with a pencil; Digital Bits Science Lab: Science Experiments for Kids, Parents and Teachers; fun science experiments for young children, hundreds of experiments

Charlie & Henry's Shared Bedroom   Kids Tour

Los Angeles home. Charlie and Henry share a room, but each have their own area in the shared space. Designer Kristen Panitch designed built-in bunk beds and a bookcase/desk, which helped maximize the space and keep the room organized.

The Best Daily Gym Work Out Routine for Young Women

Young women benefit tremendously by lifting weights and engaging in high-impact aerobic exercises. High-impact exercises are those in which both of your.

Carmen Elena Ibarra / Pinterest

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table 12 Gorgeous DIY Coffee and buffet style tables. Seeing the white rug gave me the idea of lighting under the table to illunibate frkm beneath casting an awesome glow without being intrusive


Kitchen Concrete Interiors: The polished concrete kitchen island with open shelving in this photo from French magazine Maison Cote du Sud, provides plenty of storage and workspace, and lends some edge to the somewhat rustic room.

Christmas Crafts | Jen and Ali

When I went to pick Luke up on his last day of school, he came walking out with this hand print Christmas tree. It almost brought tears to my eyes, I loved it so much! Then I saw these reindeer f…