Kataraina Goodhue

Kataraina Goodhue

Kataraina Goodhue
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Tyra's hands

I thought about putting gloves on my model but this looks amazing - as the darkness is taking over this girl. I especially love the matte black darkness of it and the long nails.

Dark Lullaby/  Love You Till I Die /love eternal/ ♥♫ ♪ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lraNt6T-SV8&list=PLY3PmjNQGEZ5g9-jAPwYMWr_OdXxpKJrB

She is Dominque's shadow demon. She acts as her shadow, and can control shadows and darkness. She is also the daughter of Dorzorro.


Back to drawing manga and anime. And today we’re going how to draw probably the most important part of a manga character, the eyes. And, in order to