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How to Add a Hanging Sleeve for Showing Quilts
How to Add a Hanging Sleeve for Showing Quilts by Carole...Adding a Temporary Sleeve to a quilt for showing... I thought you’d like to see a couple of tips on doing hanging sleeves, both temporary and permanent. One thing to know, this is mostly hand work, labor intensive, but not difficult. I can whip stitch one of these on a large quilt in an evening. For temporary sleeves, the stitches don’t have to be perfect.
an image of how to make a hanging sleeve for your quilts sewing project with text overlay
How to Make a Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt - Jacquelynne Steves
a person is using a sewing machine to sew something on the counter with other items nearby
Sewing Machine Maintenance Tutorial
Messy stitches. Loose threads. Clanking metal. Lint clogs. When you’re in the quilting groove, there’s nothing more frustrating than an out-of-whack sewing machine. Luckily, there are a few tips and techniques that can get your machine up and running in no time, and Rob is just the guy to show you how! In fact, he gets pretty excited about taking care of his machines! This week Rob has released a series of three video tutorials to guide you through do-it-yourself repair and maintenance. He’l...
paper piecing sheet with instructions to make it
LAMBE303 - Top Best 10 Online Gaming Experience
Paper Piecing Cheat Sheet | Right Sides Together #quilts #paperpiecing #quilting A reminder is always good!!!
the instructions for how to sew with your sewing machine info sheet on top of it
Infographic: Plush Sewing Basics Vocabulary
I’ve got another infographic for you all today! I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this one :) It’s an infographic showing the basic terminology and vocabulary you might want to know for plush sewin…
paper piecing made simple with scissors and glue
Paper piecing made simple | Quilting Tutorial with Angela Walters for Craftsy
a woman using a sewing machine to sew fabric on a piece of paper with the words piecing tips i wish i knew as a beginner
Superior Blog
Piecing Tips every newbie should know!
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Make an Attic Windows Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)
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AllFreeSewing - 1000s of Free Sewing Patterns
15 Quilting Hacks You Can't Live Without from SeamsandScissors.com http://www.seamsandscissors.com/quilting-hacks-you-cant-live-without/
a poster with different colors and sizes for each type of quilter's block
The Ultimate Guide To Quilt Sizes - Suzy Quilts
Quilts come in all shapes and sizes. As far as quilts are concerned, there is no “right” size. Some are square, some rectangular, some of mine have accidentally become rhombus in shape. When it comes to size, the only question you should care about is, “What do I want and what am I going to …
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Board Basting?
I wish I had known this a long time ago. This will make basting my quilts so much easier
sewing machine maintenance how to oil and clean with tips on how to use an appliance
Sewing Machine Maintenance: How to Oil and Clean Video Tutorial (Top Loading Bobbin) - Easy Sewing for Beginners
Sewing Machine Maintenance: How to Oil and Clean your top loading bobbin sewing machine!
sewing supplies and tools on a table with text overlay that reads 9 tools every beginner quilter needs
Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!
From basic tools to make quilting easier to fun fabrics and thread — this comprehensive list will ensure you are ready to quilt!
someone is sewing on a quilt with the words, mastering in minutes finishing quilts
Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!
Mastering in Minutes
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Quilt Charts and Formulas
A blog with special designed quilts, blocked, applique, t-shirt, picture, etc. including pictures, tutorials, techniques, quilting, & giveaways