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the squares and cubes are drawn on paper
Modernist architecture
an architectural drawing of the top part of a building
Gallery of Covering of the courtyard of the Carré des Arts in Mons / Ney & Partners + AgwA - 27
Gallery of Covering of the Courtyard Carré des Arts in Mons / AgwA + Ney & Partners - 27
an aerial view of the roof of a building
KANAZAWA district court|WORKS|earthscape inc.,|アースケイプ
an aerial view of a skateboard park with ramps
Eras De Cristo by Federico Wulff Barreiro
an outdoor seating area in the middle of a park with water and trees around it
The Lakehouse Restaurant on an Artificial Lake in Indonesia
a drawing of a building with lines on the outside and yellow in the inside, as well as an image of a bird
section by wabisabimade on DeviantArt
an architectural rendering of a house with stairs and plants on the roof, in front of a pergolated gazebo
Nhà phố 38m² trong hẻm nhỏ vẫn rộng thoáng và ngập tràn bóng nắng, đẹp không kém nhà trong phim ở Quận Gò Vấp, TP. HCM
a model of a house made out of bookshelves and shelves with people walking up the stairs
3x10 House by AHL Architects
two brick buildings with windows on each side
Gallery of The Masonry House / stpmj - 5