5th Grade Math

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a purple piece of paper that is on top of a white board with numbers and letters
Multiplication Unit
I begin by placing a post-it note on the digit on the second row that is not being multiplied. Then I switch the post-it to the other digit and multiply. This way the students do not become confused.
place value expanded form with numbers on each side and the number in pink, yellow and blue
Place Value Numbers Up to 1,000 in Second Grade
Place Value: Expanded Form- Flip a card and build the number in expanded form. Tons of fun math centers to teach place value in Second Grade!
a green sheet with blue numbers and fractions on it next to colored crayons
Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers - Math Tech Connections
Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers - Math Tech Connections
there are three blocks and four dominos on the table next to eachother
Happy Summer & Some PINTERESTING Stuff!
Place value die... a cube for tens and ones. Can easily be extended for larger numbers... hundreds, one thousands, ten thousands etc
someone is using a pen to write numbers on a board with dices in it
Multiplication Arrays
Teaching Multiplication Arrays with a Hole Punch...perfect for students just learning multiplication, or for remediation.
four different colored erases are arranged on a sheet of paper with numbers and times
How to Teach Arrays
How to Teach Arrays - a lot of great ideas for arrays and repeated addition - small groups activities, centers, worksheets etc.
two sheets of paper with numbers and dices on them
Multiplication Fun
This is a really simple activity for developing the concept of multiplication.
a paper bag and some yellow pieces of paper
Relief Teaching Ideas
Popcorn Math: White papers are numbers, yellow papers are operations symbols. Draw two white an one yellow to create an equation or expression.
a person standing on top of a large mat covered in numbers
Teacher Blog Spot
Homemade ChutesLadders and other family math nite games. Very good ideas!
a wooden table covered in writing on top of a white board with people standing around it
5 Activities for Teaching Angles
Hands-on activities to teach angles
a cross made out of paper sitting on top of a desk next to notebooks
Math Journal Sundays - CUBES Strategy
Runde's Room: Math Journal Sundays - CUBES Strategy to teach kids how to solve math problems.
a piece of paper with the words which one does not belong?
Super simple critical thinking strategy
Looking for a SUPER simple way to integrate critical thinking into your everyday teaching? This strategy works for ANY subject, ANY grade, and ANY topic. Teachers, you cannot miss this easy to implement teaching strategy!