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a box of raisins is being held by someone's hand over the raisins
Change up your snacking game with Joolies dates!
Tired of your same old snacks? Joolies organic medjool dates make for a filling afternoon snack that’ll provide some much needed energy! Naturally gluten-free, vegan, and glyphosate free. Let's start date-ing🥰
a green poster with the words, our tone of voice is what lets us sound recognizableally
Fiverr - Koto Studio
Fiverr — Koto
a man holding a small white dog in his right hand while standing next to a street sign
Things You Know is a book documenting the NYC neighbourhood of Crown Heights
Things You Know is a book documenting the NYC neighbourhood of Crown Heights
a man sitting on top of a brown couch in front of a book shelf filled with books
Huspy ™ — Branding
Huspy ™ — Branding on Behance
sun sets and tange rines by paula bartori, book cover design
four luggage tags with different designs and colors on the front, back and side of them
TERRA NOVA HOYEL | Brand identity & Web-design
several different types of chairs and tables with the names of each chair in front of them
Instagram stories Logo & Branding for a Mid-century modern, retro inspired vintage furniture store
a store front with three windows showing different items in the window and on the wall
Small Hours
an orange box with white paper sticking out of it and someone's hand reaching for the top
New York Cake Pops Are As Sweet As The Come - DIELINE
three boxes with different types of food on the floor next to each other and one box has chips in it
Is Packaging Having A White Lotus Moment? - DIELINE
Kafya branding graphicdesignerlife #logoidentity #designyourlife #logosdesign. Ideas, Retro, Mock Up, Creative, Pinterest, Flyer
Kafya branding #fashionlogo
Kafya branding graphicdesignerlife #logoidentity #designyourlife #logosdesign.