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Fun Learning Printables for Kids
Daily 5 Folder
Here are 15 FREE Daily 5 Resources to use in your classroom with your intermediate grades 3-5 students.
"Bucket Filling from A to Z" Poster 16 #bucketfilling
Daily 5 freebies
How to Make Butter in a Jar. Super cool science for kids. And it's so easy! Just 10 minutes and a few simple ingredients.
This color changing milk experiment was MESMERIZING! All of the colors danced, and swirled, and chased each other into amazing patterns.
Writing Pin 1. This is a writing goals chart. This chart could be put up sometime in the beginning of the school year. As the year progresses and students reach these goals, they can put their names in the spaces.
LOVE these two anchor charts...one for reading and one for writing!
Lifelong Learners in Prep: Goal Setting in Prep learning goals