Karen Kennedy

Karen Kennedy

Ceramic sculptor
Karen Kennedy
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Five O'clock Tea (A Portrait of Mrs. Elwood Riggs) by Christian von Schneidau

Five O'clock Tea (A Portrait of Mrs. Elwood Riggs, who doesn't get to have her own first name) by Christian von Schneidau (American artist,

Hungarian Vizsla poses for a studio portrait #dogs

The vizsla's ancestors were bred in Hungary to hunt game with power and endurance, which means it needs lots of daily exercise in today's world, too -- note this dog's graceful strides. This gentle, affectionate, active dog is highly trainable.


Reminds me of a story I was writing that I haven't worked on in months. The main character was this girl, Leslie Hale, and the woman in the picture looks older than her since Leslie is about but she has the same hair and face type, including the freckles.

A terrifically beautiful, unidentified Edwardian woman - with really fabulous hair! And a beautiful portrait.

"A terrifically beautiful, unidentified Edwardian woman. May be the actress Lily Elise, - what a beautifully lit and posed Edwardian portrait!