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many different pictures of the same person in one picture, and each with their own name
I love him in Panic Room... even though he dies! :P
a man standing on top of a tall building with musical instruments flying above him and the words music is my escape
Music is my escape
It only last a few minutes... but with out it... I would die.
an image of someone peeking out from behind a wall with the caption did someone say 30 seconds to mars?
Did someone say 30 Seconds to Mars? :) LOL
the collage shows many different images and logos
Mars over the years
three men walking down the street with text that reads thirty seconds to mars
Loving Thirty Seconds To Mars Jared Leto - CHECKOUT THIS AMAZING ARTIST & MORE INSPIRATIONAL ART WORK! HEAR NEW NEW MUSIC: JANE BORDEAUX MUSIC Available on iTunes Worldwide! Join over 28,000+ Facebook Fans and 17,000+ @ Jane Bordeaux Twitter Followers! Become a Fan! Official Site: JaneBordeaux.com
a man with long hair wearing a black shirt
Jared Leto. Actor, musician, all around gorgeous man.
a man holding a microphone in his right hand and singing into the other with both hands
Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars in the music video for "From Yesterday" my fav song.. <3
the silhouettes of two people with their arms outstretched in front of a sunset and clouds
Tweet / Twitter
Silhouette shots of Jared in 30 Seconds To Mars' videos.
three men sitting next to each other in front of a white wall and one is wearing a black jacket
30 Seconds to Mars
two palm trees are silhouetted against an orange and yellow sky with the words kings of leon on it
PLAY > SKIP: New Music for Oct. 19
Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown one of the best albums
a yellow sign that says caution exposure to music
Caution! Exposure to music may cause the following reactions ....
an image of a quote that says sippin'whiney out the bottle, not thinkin'bout tomorrow singing sweet home alabama all summer long
Kid Rock - All Summer Long - song lyrics, song quotes, songs, music lyrics, music quotes,
a person playing an acoustic guitar in front of a white background with the words songs on it
30 Sexy Country Songs For Doin' It Cowgirl Style
I absolutely LOVE #15 #16! They remind me the most of my Sexy Cowboy and I love him very much. ♡