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an old record store with records hanging from the ceiling and posters on the wall above it
a pile of old posters and other items
cartwheels in your honour: Photo
a person is playing an organ in a music store with vinyl records on the shelves
Pinterest: @martamartins205
a woman sitting in the drivers seat of an orange car with her hair blowing back
a person is holding an old record player on top of a stack of vinyl records
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the rolling stones album covers are on display in a record store with various records and cds
Poster Collage Wall - Nicheh
an advertisement for skateboarding is shown in black and white
- 1981 -
Source: intersectionofuniverse
a man driving a boat in the water near some rocks and an island with a flag on it
A Day in Capri
Marina Piccola for a could of boating around the Island of Capri - awesome rock formations/cliffs.
black and white photograph of two people standing next to each other on train tracks eating donuts
Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise... - obsessedwithethanhawke
Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise (1995). Shot by Gabriela Brandenstein
the front cover of an international surfing magazine, featuring a surfer on a surfboard
Surfing - All Surf Magazines
Surfing - All Surf MagazinesAll Surf Magazines
a man riding a wave on top of a surfboard
The Weekend Digest: Photo
The Weekend Digest
a woman sitting at a table reading a magazine overlooking the ocean and boats in the water
Travel inspiration
two people are laying on the grass reading
☾ pinterest ; georgiaxfox - - - field, reading, green, nature, picnic, date
a painting of two people hugging on the street
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