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a cell phone with an info sheet on the front and side of it, including information about children's true nature
November 2012
Parenting // Discipline Less + Understand More
a quote that reads, we can't have right when we don't feel right
wende- please print this for me... Mothers, Motivation, Sayings, Momisms, Lds Quotes, Mother, Mommyhood, Words Of Wisdom
More Mothering Thoughts...
wende- please print this for me...
the seven habitts of highly playful parents by nuraninhewth blog on etsyle com
How to Be More A More Playful Parent and Connect With Your Child
a poster with different types of children's names and pictures on it, including the words
A Mature Parent...
a house with the words build a culture of love at home
a woman hugging her child with the caption best parenting things your kids need to hear you say
Things your kids need to hear