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a blue purse hanging on a green door
Фото 917445935150 из альбома Гифы. Разместила Стася Евдокимова в ОК
77 непрочитанных чатов
a handbag is hanging on a wall next to a white cloth bag with crocheted flowers and leaves
an older man sitting in front of a window while knitting
Kaffe Fassett | A Gallery from Standing Room Only
an orange purse with green string and beads on the handle is sitting on a white surface
All of the Making: Photo
I love to knit and to create all kinds of things.
two pieces of art that are laying on the ground next to each other with yarn
Couching on Monk Cloth Looks Like Fun!
the crochet pattern is shown in black and white, which includes four rows of flowers
crochet patterns and instructions on how to use them
Crochet bedsheet and cushion cover
the crochet pattern shows how to make an ornament
Circles of the Sun – CAL – Block 5